Doctor Amish Dalal

Cancer Surgeon at Jaslok Hospital


Dr. Amish V Dalal, a Gynecological and Surgical Oncologist, is specialized in the treatment of cancer in various parts of the human body like breasts, gynecologic, urologic, colorectal and thyroid. With an experience of over 30 years,
Dr. Amish Dalal has been contributing with his medical expertise since 1986.

Amish Dalal- Education 

Doctor Amish Dalal is a Cancer Surgeon with a M.S. in general surgery from Bombay University and a FRCS from Glasgow.

Amish Dalal has been trained extensively in Surgical Oncology at the Tata Cancer Hospital under the guidance of various specialists and in every anatomical area of the body. He did a year rotating Junior Registrar residency in 1986-87, and from 1989 a year as a Clinical Fellow in Head & Neck cancers and Gastrointestinal cancers, two years as a rotating Senior Registrar and thereafter 15 months as a Senior Research Fellow in Genitourinary and Gynaecologic Oncology Unit.

Dr. Amish Dalal also went to the UK and was employed for two years by the University of Liverpool as a Tutor in Surgery and with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital as a Senior Registrar for the on-call rota.

Dr. Amish Dalal is reachable at:

Phone: 91-22-2353 8129, 91-22-2351 6401
Fax      : 91-22-2287 3495
Email  :